Building 4Humanity
Design Competition  2019 Taiwan Prize 

2nd EDITION — 2019


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All submissions are free of charge.

Submissions must comply with the following requirements:

Making online registration 
Participants need to provide information about their team via online registration form

Submitting the design project


a) Three A1 posters (orientation: landscape; file format: pdf, with print-quality resolution; language: English). The posters need to at least include the following information responding to the required social integration:

  • Diagrams of the target groups, users and beneficiaries;

  • Diagrams of the programs and functions;

  • Diagrams of the climate- and geography-responsive design, construction and management;

  • Site plan;

  • Plans, elevations and sections;

  • Perspectives or renderings.

b) One A4 project report (font: 10-point Times News Roman; format: pdf; language: English, Turkish or Arabic). The report needs to at least address the following themes responding to the requirements of social integration, resilience and sustainability:

  • Target groups, users and beneficiaries;

  • Architectural programming;

  • Design strategies;

  • Construction strategies; and

  • Management strategies.


c) Professional teams can submit a video recording, 3D animation or 3D motion graphics with duration of no more than 3 minutes that describes and summarises their proposals. They may include very short pieces of relevant interviews with local stakeholders, or with relevant stakeholders from elsewhere.

Evaluation criteria

The projects will be assessed against the following five equally weighted criteria: 

  • Rationale of selecting the target groups, users and beneficiaries according to the analyses of socio-cultural context of the site;

  • Validation of architectural programming based on the needs and aspirations of the target groups, users and beneficiaries;

  • Quality, adequacy and intelligence of the architectural proposal and its design strategies for social integration, and Syrians’ engagement into the the daily life of the city;

  • Clarity and applicability of construction and the coherence of its strategies in the building, rebuilding or resettlement processes; and

  • Feasibility and sustainability of building management and its strategies for considering local resources, social integration, community-based activities, livelihood, and governance.

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Registration Form


Participants need to provide information about their team via following online registration form. 

Submit the design project


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02 -- Submitting the design project

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